How Long Does It Take To Get a Duplicate Title In Illinois (REAL Facts)


Have you ever wondered how long does it take to get a duplicate title in Illinois? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

If you don’t own a valid title deed to your car, you will not be able to sell, trade-in, or even register your vehicle in another state.

Your car’s title ensures that you have proof of ownership should your vehicle be stolen or impounded. However, it’s quite easy to mislay this vital paper document. 

On average it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the SOS department to process and deliver a duplicate title for your vehicle in Illinois. If you choose the expedited title services, you can receive your duplicate tile on the same day of application for an extra fee of $30. 

If you need a duplicate vehicle title because you have lost your original, it can take between one day and three weeks.

The fastest way to process your application is to know exactly which forms and documents you will need for your replacement title.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Duplicate Title in Illinois?

Standard Duplicate Title Processing Time

According to the official Illinois Secretary of state site, you can expect to wait between two or three weeks for the department to process your duplicate or lost tile applications.

You will wait even longer for New/Corrected/Title applications for a period of up to six weeks of processing.

Alternatively, you may apply for an expedited duplicate title.

Expedited Duplicate Titles in Illinois

If you need a duplicate title urgently, you may apply for an expedited duplicate title in Illinois on the same day of application; This service allows same-day duplicate titles at an additional fee of $30 over the standard duplication costs.

There are specific requirements the applicant must follow to take advantage of this expedited title service which are as follows.:

  • You will need to submit the necessary documentation, such as the VSD 190 and additional paperwork, no later than 12 noon on the day you require your title duplicate.
  • You need to be there to accept your UPS delivery or collect the duplicate title in person at the SOS offices based in Springfield.
  • You will need to pay for the expedited services by credit card only, such as Mastercard, American Express, or Discover if you apply telephonically. 

What is a Duplicate Title in Illinois?

Although the term ‘title’ may refer to the bundle of rights in property in which the owner holds legal interest, more commonly, ‘title’ refers to vehicle ownership.

In the US, the certificate of title is a legal document establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle.

The Secretary of State typically issues vehicle titles through the department of motor vehicles in the state where they purchased the car. 

“If you purchase your vehicle from a dealer, they will typically fill out an Application for Title in your name and send it to the state.

The state will then issue a title and send it to you in your own name.”

If you buy a car with a loan, you must legally include the lender’s information in the title to prevent you from selling the vehicle without completing your loan repayments.

If you purchase a used car, the seller typically fills out the information on the title before they submit it to the state. The state will then issue a new title in your name.

Each time the state gives a title to the buyer of a particular car, they keep a copy of both the old and new titles over the vehicle’s lifetime.

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Why Do You Need a Vehicle Title in Illinois?

All vehicles in the state of Illinois require a certificate title regardless of whether the car is registered or not. Titles are vital to prove your ownership of your vehicle.

Without a title, you may not register or sell your vehicle. Other occasions where a title is essential include:

  • If someone steals your vehicle 
  • If someone impounds your car 
  • If your vehicle is used in a crime before you bought it or after you sold it. 

The title provides information about the particular vehicle you have in your possession, such as:

  • The owner or owners of the vehicle
  • The lienholder information if a lender financed your vehicle purchase
  • The odometer reading and date of reading
  • Buyers and seller information, including names addresses 
  • Year make and model/body type of the vehicle 
  • Date of title issue 
  • Sale date and party signatures.

Duplicate titles are essential if you want to register, sell or insure your vehicle. If someone may steal your car by unfortunate circumstance, you will find it a challenge to prove ownership without the vehicle title.

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Other common reasons why you might need a duplicate title in Illinois include:

# 1: You bought your car without a title or a bill of sale

Often people may sell or donate their car without signing any contract. For instance, if a family member gives you ownership of their vehicle, they may not sign over the title to your name or sign a gift contract.

Without a bill of sale or gift contract, you might find it challenging to prove that you are the legal owner of your vehicle.

# 2: You bought your vehicle with only the bill of sale

If you purchased a car with only a bill of sale, you would need a title to sell your vehicle. Although the bill of sale may support the evidence that you own a car, you will still need the title deed for full ownership rights.

# 3: Your vehicle title has not been correctly signed 

Even if you received a vehicle title from your seller, an improperly signed title would not be legally valid.

For example, a car listed under the wrong name, missing information, or illegibility of original information may all render your title deed invalid. 

#4: You lost your vehicle title deed

If you lose your title deed after purchasing a vehicle before transferring the deed into your name, you should use your bill of sale to apply for a title in your name.

If you lost the title after the transfer, you would need a duplicate title deed to ensure, sell or transfer ownership of your vehicle. 

What Documents Do I Need for a Duplicate Title in Illinois?

The process of applying for a duplicate car title in Illinois if your title is damaged or lost requires specific documentation and information.

Depending on your particular circumstances, you may have to submit additional paperwork to receive your duplicate title. 

If you plan to apply in person, you will need official identification, such as a driving license.

If you plan to remove a lienholder on a financed vehicle, you will need to submit your lien contact and clearance documents when you apply for a duplicate title certificate.

Other documentation you will need for a duplicate title in Illinois includes the following.

1.Completed Form VSD 190 

The VSD 190 or Application for Vehicle Transaction is a legal document created by the Illinois Secretary of State for vehicle transactions, including titles and registration.

The ERT system allows applicants to complete and print their VSD 190 online through the Electronic Registration and Title site or by visiting your local SOS office.

Alternatively, you may make a toll-free call at Illinois: 1-(800) 252-8980 for a telephonic application. Applicants should take note that the completed form is only valid for seven days following completion online.

Supporting documentation to your VSD 190 includes:

2.Proof of You Reside in Illinois 

You may show that you are a resident of Illinois with several documents such as 

  • A recent credit card statement that includes your address
  • An up to date Utility bill in your name
  • A copy of your lease agreement/mortgage in your name.

3.Proof of Vehicle Ownership

To prove ownership of your vehicle, you need to provide the original title signed by the previous owner if second hand, or you should provide:

  • Certificate of origin or copy of the title
  • The bill of sale if the lienholder financed your vehicle outside the state of Illinois

4.Vehicle Particulars

You will need to furnish the DMV with a vehicle description that you wish to receive a duplicate title. This information should include the following:

  • The year of manufacture, make, and model of the car
  • The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN
  • The date of the vehicle purchase
  • Information regarding whether you purchased the vehicle new or used.

5.Your lienholder’s Information if Applicable

A lienholder is a lender that has vested interest in your vehicle until full payment is received.

This lienholder could be a bank, financial institution, or a private party who has a legal claim to your car because they provided the funds to purchase it. 

6.Your official Odometer Disclosure

You will need to provide your Odometer Disclosure Statement, which should contain an acknowledgment by the buyer and seller at the time of transfer.

The seller discloses the information in the title and certifies that it is correct to the best of their knowledge. This form is called the VSD 333 and must be signed by yourself and the previous owner if applicable. 

7.Your Private Party Vehicle Tax Forms

A Private party Tax Transaction form or Tax form RUT-50 is a vehicle tax that applies when you buy or acquire your car from a private party instead of a lender or dealer.

If you buy from a private seller, or someone gives you the car as a gift, or a private party gives you a car, you need to file the RUT-50 tax form. This form is not available in an online format. 

How Do I Submit My Duplicate Title Application?

1.Duplicate Title By Mail

You can apply and receive your duplicate vehicle title by mail in Illinois without physically visiting the DMV offices.

You will need to submit your replacement title application form along with the corresponding fees and additional paperwork to this address:

Secretary of State

Vehicle Services Department

Electronic and Registration and Title Section, 

Room. 424

501 S. Second Street




Before submitting your request, ensure that the details are correct and that you include your processing payments, or the SOS might reject your application. 

2.Duplicate Title through ERT

In partnership with the Illinois Department of Revenue, the Illinois Secretary of State and approved service providers offer an Electronic Registration and Title program (ERT.)

The SOS provides this online tool to allow users to fill out and print their replacement title application forms.

3.Application For Duplicate title by Telephone

You may also receive your title and registration forms (VSD 190) via the toll-free line within Illinois at 1-(800) 252-8980.

The ERT is also helpful for pre-arranging all your required documents before visiting your local SOS offices in person.

4.Apply for Duplicate Title in Person

If you prefer to receive your application for a duplicate title in person, you may visit a nearby SOS title office.

To make the process more streamlined, you may follow the online application process and fill out all the required documentation before visiting the SOS offices. 

5.How much Does a Duplicate Title Cost in Illinois?

To receive an original vehicle title, you will need to pay 150 dollars. A duplicate title document carries a $50 fee which you need to submit with your documentation.

This fee does not include any outstanding registration fees or taxes that might apply to your particular vehicle. 

Expedited same-day duplicate titles carry an extra fee of $30 on the $50 duplicate cost. 


If you have all your documentation in order and understand the SOS requirements for duplicate titles, there is no need for lengthy delays.

Submitting incorrect or incomplete information can result in the SOS rejecting your application.

If you need a duplicate title on the fly, use the expedited services, and you may have your title in your hand the same day. 


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