How Long Does It Take To Get a Duplicate Title In Colorado (Lost Car Title)


Have you ever wondered how long does it take to get a duplicate title in Colorado? Well, look no more. We´ve got you covered.

As the world’s stage moves to digital documentation, unfortunately, our car titles still remain hard copies in most of the US.

It’s easy to lose your title deed, especially when moving, or accidentally destroy this essential paper title. If you need a duplicate title in Colorado, how long should you expect to wait? 

It takes between 2 to 6 weeks on average to process a duplicate title in Colorado, but they mention same-day over-the-counter title printing. Although the Colorado DMV only states original title waiting times, 2 to 6 weeks is the average time US DMVs provide applicants with duplicate titles. Express mail options may reduce your waiting time.

The Colorado DMV suggests using their online application portal to receive the fastest response time for a duplicate title.

It is essential to know the procedure and the correct documentation to provide the DMV o streamline the application process.  

Can You Get a Duplicate Title the Same Day in Colorado?

Colorado DMV makes mention of same-day service in their specifications for out-of-state titleholders. They state that they revoke the same-day title over-the-counter title printing for all title applications with an out-of-state title as supporting documentation. 

This reference does suggest that they offer same-day over-the-counter printing if you apply in person to their offices. 

Get With Title claims that the Colorado DMV charges a $25 fee for the same-day service, although the source is not verifiable on the Colorado DMV sites. It is best to approach your local DMV offices and find out their particular rules regarding expedited duplicate titles.

However, the fastest way to process your duplicate title application is on their online portal.

If you use traditional channels, if you have not received your duplicate title from a US DMV in fifteen days, you should inquire about the application progress. 

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Express Mail Options for Duplicate Title Colorado

Colorado State DMV offers an Express Mail option through the prepaid US postal service to return your title or duplicate title.

Colorado DMV’s policy is that they will not use Federal Express or any other type of overnight service. However, this express option may expedite your duplicate title to your current registered location. 

The Express Mail delivery address is:

Department of Revenue

Division of Motor Vehicle

Section Name: (Titles, Registration, etc.)

1881 Pierce Street




What Does it Mean that Colorado is a Non-Titled State?

There are 41 non-title holding states in the USA, with Colorado being one of them. Non-title status involves the process of title holding between lienholders and potential owners of a particular vehicle.

In non-title holding states, your vehicle title remains in possession of your lienholder until you have fully paid off your financing balance to the lienholder.

The nine-title holding states the DMV will issue the title to the registered owner/operator of the vehicle under lien. 

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Why Do I Need a Duplicate Title in Colorado?

If you no longer possess a title certificate to your vehicle or the title is damaged or illegible, you will need a replacement copy.

Your car title is your legal proof of ownership, unlike your registration, proving that you signed your car up onto the state system, paid your taxes, and legally operated your vehicle on public roads. 

Without a car title in Colorado, you may find yourself facing problems if you attempt to:

  • Sell your car
  • Trade your car in on another model
  • Transfer ownership of your vehicle. 
  • If your vehicle is stolen, one would need the car title to prove your vehicle ownership legally. 

Can I Get a Duplicate Title in Colorado If I hold an Out-of-State Title? 

Legally you have 90 days to register your vehicle after you become a Colorado resident. Since Jan 1, 2010, all states must comply with Federal Law 28 CFR Part 25. This law was created to protect the public from motor vehicle title fraud.

The law disabled the same-day title applications that used out-of-state titles as supporting documentation.

The State title section will subsequently process and mail the Colorado certificates of title. 

Therefore if your vehicle holds an out of state title, you would need to supply a VIN form completed by:

  • Colorado law enforcement
  • A licensed Colorado-based dealer
  • A Colorado-based licensed emissions testing center. 

If you need a duplicate title and you are domiciled outside of the state, you may download the Duplicate Title Request and Receipt or Form DR 2539 and send it to the following address:

Colorado Department of Revenue

DMV – Titles Section

Denver CO 80217

What Documentation Do I Need for Duplicate Title Application in Colorado?

To receive a duplicate title, you will need to fill in the Duplicate Title/Lien Request and Receipt title application (DR 2539 A).

You will need to sign this document as the owner and procure signatures from the lienholder (if applicable) or authorized agent by power of attorney listed on the above form.

Other requirements from the Colorado DMV include:

A Legal Lien release

You will need a lien release to receive your duplicate title if your car is under financing. Colorado requires a lien release on all active liens in the lien holders’ letterhead.

Photos and faxes are acceptable but must include all car and owner particulars. The lienholder must sign the document under penalty of perjury in the second degree. 

Proof of Identification if the car was bought on 7/1/2006 or later.

Applicants must provide original ID documents without lamination or copies with no change of name without supporting documents.

Colorado DMV does not accept Wallet cards. 

The Vehicle identification number or VIN and the title number of your car. 

You may typically find your 17 digits VIN in the lower left of your dashboard in front of the steering wheel. The VIN acts as a “fingerprint for your particular vehicle.

The title number is a unique multi-digit number found on your original tile. If your title is lost, apply your state DMV to find an electronic record or contact your lienholder for title number particulars.

The DMV Duplicate Fees

Most counties within Colorado accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover as payment options when titling or registering your car.

The fees for a duplicate title are $8.20. If you wish to use a check or money order, make it payable to the:

Colorado Department of Revenue

Or if you apply at your County Motor Vehicles, make the check out to:

County Clerk

Walk-in Application for Duplicate Title Colorado

You may visit your nearest county DMV branch and submit your documentation in person. You need to provide the above particulars, as well as your duplicate title processing fee of $8.20, and submit them to: 

Colorado Department of Revenue

Vehicle Services Unit 

1881 Pierce Street 



Online Application For Duplicate title Colorado

You may use Colorado DMV’s online application portal found at The Colorado DMV recommends this avenue for the speediest results in obtaining your duplicate title.

For those of us who still use the postal system, it may be a lenghthy process to both wait for the mail to arrive at the DMV, and for its eventual return.

In order to make use of the online application portal, you must:

  • Have an existing and active title in your name
  • Your title must be lien free 
  • You must not be a resident of Hinsdale or Crowley county.

Documentation for online Application:

  • Your official license plate number
  • Your VIN 
  • Legal and verifiable ID
  • Legal documentation of Power of attorney (if applicable)
  • You will find Your verification code on the back side of your registration card:
  • Valid credit card/check for payment processing. 

Duplicate Title Application By Mail

You may apply for your duplicate title by mail. However, this would be the lengthiest route. You will have to factor in the time it takes for the postal system to deliver your documentation to the DMV and then the processing and return mailing of your duplicate.

If you apply by mail, you need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the DMV to send a duplicate title. 

Mail applications must include a check or money order of $8,20 made out to the “Colorado Department of Revenue.” 

For regular mail, send to:

Department of Revenue

Division of Motor Vehicle

Section Name (Titles, Registration)

PO Box 173350




For express mail, send your application to

Department of Revenue

Division of Motor Vehicle

Section Name (Driver Control, Titles, Registration, etc.)

1881 Pierce Street

Lakewood, CO 80214


As the Colorado DMV mentions same-day duplicate titles, you should always approach your local county DMV if you have extenuating circumstances.

Until all the state DMVs move over to electronic titles, you may have to wait for your title if you go the traditional application route.

Ensure all your documents are 100 percent correct, and you may speed up the process. 


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