Halfords Battery Return Policy (Coverage, Warranty + More)

Halfords Battery Return Policy

Halfords is one of the United Kingdom’s leading automotive parts and service stores with locations all over Britain and Ireland. What happens if you want to return a car battery to Halfords?

Halfords accepts returns on most products including batteries within 28 days of purchase with a valid receipt. If the battery is returned due to a manufacturer’s defect, it is eligible for replacement by the battery warranty.

In this article, we will review how to return a car battery to Halfords as well as the warranty that comes with most car batteries. Additionally, we will cover why your battery return might be rejected and whether or not you can return a battery without a receipt.

How Do I Return a Battery to Halfords?

If you decide that you do not want or maybe you ordered the wrong car battery from Halfords, you can always return it for a full refund by taking it back to the store or garage where it was purchased or mailing it back to Halfords.

The battery needs to be in its original packaging and unused in order to be eligible for a return. You must have proof of purchase either as a receipt or shipping slip and the return must be made within 28 days of purchase.

If you would like to exchange the car battery for another one, you may do so at a store, but not a garage.

Currently, garage purchases only offer refunds, not exchanges. Returns made to garages and stores are free of charge.

If you want to mail back your car battery, you will have to pay for postage unless the battery is faulty. In this case, Halfords will reimburse your shipping and the battery will be replaced according to the terms of the battery warranty.

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Is There a Warranty on Halfords Batteries?

All Halfords car batteries come with a warranty. Depending on the brand and model of the battery, the warranty will last for three to five years or the lifetime of your vehicle.

The warranty is not transferable to other vehicles.  

The Halfords car battery warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects and offers a free replacement of any faulty battery. Simply send the battery into Halfords or take it to a Halfords store or garage to have a professional associate test the battery.

If the associate determines that the battery is indeed defective, then Halfords will provide a comparable replacement.

Halfords car battery warranty will only cover faulty issues as a result of the manufacturer and not any other problems that may arise after purchase that are due to the fault of the consumer including misuse, abuse, and accidents.

The free car battery replacement guarantee is only valid for the period of the warranty. If your battery is found to be defective after the warranty has expired, then you will need to replace it at your own expense.

Why Would My Battery Return Be Rejected by Halfords?

There are several reasons why Halfords would refuse to accept a car battery for returns. If you want a refund on your car battery purchase, it must be in the original packaging and unused.

If the battery has been used or taken out of the packaging, they may not accept the return.

Even though Halfords has a warranty on all of their car batteries to cover any defects from the manufacturer, there are instances in which they would reject the attempt to return a battery under the terms of the warranty.

If you attempt to return the battery after the warranty has expired, even if the battery is faulty due to a manufacturer’s defect, Halfords will not provide a free replacement.

Halfords will also not accept a return or replacement if the car battery has been sulfated due to extended non-use of the vehicle or deep cycled by frequent overuse of the battery.

Other conditions that would negate the warranty and result in a rejected return include physical damage to the battery by mishandling or improper storage, overcharging, the incorrect type of battery for your vehicle, and common wear and tear.

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Can I Return a Battery to Halfords Without a Receipt?

Halfords will not accept returns on any products, especially car batteries, without a receipt or other valid proof of purchase.

They have a strict 28 day return policy that must be accompanied by a receipt in order to prove that the return is being made within the allowed timeframe.

Additionally, battery purchases are accompanied by set warranties. If the battery needs to be replaced due to a manufacturer’s defect, Halfords needs to know when the battery was sold to the customer in order to determine if the warranty coverage is still valid.

If you don’t have the original receipt, you may be able to provide a bank statement if you used a card to purchase your Halfords car battery.

Shipping or packing slips for batteries that are sent via mail can also provide valid dated proofs of purchase.

For a large purchase such as a car battery, it is a good idea to make sure you keep your receipt in a place where you can find it because you never know if you will need to call in a replacement under the warranty.


Halfords allows you to return unwanted new car batteries with a valid receipt within 28 days of purchase in order to receive a full refund.

If you want to exchange your car battery, you may do so at a Halfords store, but not a garage. Car batteries can also be returned via mail if you pay for postage.

If your car battery is found to be defective, you can get a free replacement as long as it remains within the valid warranty period and you provide dated proof of purchase.

Halfords generous car battery warranty can cover your car battery for up to five years or even the lifetime of the vehicle, so make sure you keep that receipt because you never know what could happen.




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