Does Walmart Rent Carpet Cleaners? (Rug Doctor, Rental, Pricing)


Have you ever wondered if Walmart rents carpet cleaners? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Carpet cleaners are fantastic for making your house look fresh. If you are looking to move, or if you have recently had construction completed on your house, you will want to use a carpet cleaner to make everything fresh again.

One of the downsides to carpet cleaners is you do not need to use them very often, but they can be bulky and expensive to purchase and store.

Luckily, many places offer rental options that can save you time, money, and storage space.

Does Walmart Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Yes. many Walmart locations offer carpet cleaner rental. Most of the rentals offer products from Rug Doctor. On the Rug Doctor website, you can search for your location to find available rentals in your area.

Where can I rent a carpet cleaner

Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Walmart

The cost to rent a carpet cleaner at Walmart is approximately 35 to 45 dollars per day. You may also need to buy the right carpet cleaning solution for your home. This will usually cost around 20 dollars.

Rug Doctor has various products on the market. The availability changes based on location, and the different products may range slightly in price.

The table below shows the average rental price for carpet cleaners which vary depending on the model and rental period:

Carpet Cleaner ModelRental Cost (24-Hour)
Mighty Pro$30
Pro Deep$35
Pro Portable$25
Wide Track$30

How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Walmart?

The easiest way to rent a carpet cleaner at Walmart is to reserve it online. Then you can go to the store, pick it up, and get on your way:

1. Find a rental location near you.

Enter your zip code into the Rug Doctor’s website. It will show you various locations in your area that offer rentals.

Some of the locations will have a sticker showing that they have the newest carpet machines available.

Others have stickers for the newest carpet machines and outdoor machines, traditional carpet machines, traditional outdoor machines, and more.

2. Select the Location You Want and Click “More Information.”

Find a location close to you that has the products you need, and you can select the location. When you have found the right location for you, you can begin reserving the machine.

3. Click Reserve Now

If machines are currently available at that location, there will be a list available on the left side of the screen. Click “Reserve Now” to begin the rental process.

4. Pick the Date for Your Rental

Once you have clicked “Reserve Now,” you will be taken to a new screen. At the top of this screen, there is a calendar with dates for the next week.

It will include the current date. Pick the day for your rental.

5. Select Your Machine

All machines available that day will be listed. Select which product you would like to rent and click “Proceed to Next Step.”

6. Select Optional Tools

If there are any extra tools available at your rental location, the next step will let you select if you would like to add those optional tools.

Add the tool if you would like it, and then click “Proceed to Next Step.”

7. Select Optional Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions are an excellent way to elevate the level of cleanliness you achieve with your carpet cleaner.

There are plenty of options available through Rug Doctor. Select which optional add-ons you would like and click “Proceed to Next Step.”

8. Add Billing Information

Add your billing information, and this step will provide details for the pick-up. You will have 24 hours from the time of pick-up until you need to return the machine.

9. Pick Up Your Rental

Head to your local Walmart to pick up your rental. Everything should be ready when you arrive.

10. Return Your Cleaned Rental

Rug Doctor will charge you extra if you do not clean the machine before returning it. You need to empty the dirty water and rinse the dirty water container.

Empty any unused, clean water. You will also need to drain any excess water from the attachments.

After cleaning the rental, take it to Walmart to return it.

11. Enjoy Your Clean Carpets

It will take several hours for your carpet to fully dry after cleaning. Stay off of the carpet for a few hours to let it dry without collecting any dirt from your feet or furniture.

Once it is dry, you are ready to enjoy your clean, fluffy carpet again.

How To Use A Rug Doctor Carpet Machine >> Check out the video below:

Which Products Does Rug Doctor Offer?

Rug Doctor has a variety of products available, so you can find the right product for all of your needs.

Not all of the Rug Doctor products are available at each Walmart location, so you will need to search on the website to see which products are available at your local Walmart.

Pro Deep Cleaner

The Pro Deep Cleaner costs $39.99 to rent for 24 hours, but there is a discount if you rent for 48 hours. When renting for 48 hours, the price is only $49.99.

The Pro Deep Cleaner is designed for use on your inside carpets. It offers professional-grade cleaning power, so you can get all of your carpets clean and ready to go.

It is light and easy to carry, so you can easily carry it out of your car and up flights of stairs.

The Pro Deep Cleaner also couples with Rug Doctor’s motorized hard floor, grout, and upholstery cleaning service.

This means with one simple rental, you can take care of all of the surfaces in your home with one simple product.

Pro Portable Detailer ; Spot Cleaner

The Pro Portable Detailer ; Spot Cleaner is great for small jobs and all of those hard-to-reach places. It costs $19.99 to rent for just four hours. Renting for 24 hours costs $29.99.

The Pro Portable Detailer ; Spot Cleaner is great for treating spills and smells. It can help treat odors and stains on carpet and upholstery.

It is portable and easy to take anywhere in your house. It also features a motorized brush that will take some of the pain out of scrubbing your carpet.

X3 Carpet Cleaner

The X3 Carpet Cleaner is great for heavy-duty carpet cleaning. It costs $34.99 to rent for 24 hours. Renting for 48 hours, when available and necessary, can save money. The cost to rent for 48 hours is $44.99.

 It is certified for professional-level cleaning that you can do in your own home. This option is heavier and built for those cleanings that will take extra time and effort.

If you want to deep-clean your whole house, this is a great option for you. It can extract up to 89% of the dirt within the carpets.

Floor Dryer

You may not have hours and days to wait for your carpet to dry after cleaning. This floor dryer costs $19.99 to rent for 24 hours.

Renting this floor dryer can cut your drying time in half. That means you can stop waiting for the carpet to be dry, and you can get back to doing the things you want to do. 

Cleaning Formulas

Plenty of cleaning formulas are available at Walmart through Rug Doctor. There are options for pet carpet cleaners, deep cleaners, odor removers, upholstery cleaners, and more.

Where Can I Rent a Carpet Cleaner

Nowadays, you can rent carpet cleaners in any big store near you or in your area, such as:

Carpet Cleaner Rental | The Home Depot Rental >> Check out the video below:


Many Walmart locations offer easy, inexpensive carpet cleaner rentals. The rentals are available through Rug Doctor.

They generally cost 35 to 45 dollars, and you can rent from the Rug Doctor website.


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