Does Walmart Make Cookie Cakes? (Are They Good, Prices + More)

Does Walmart Make Cookie Cakes

Do you know if Walmart makes cookie cakes? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Walmart makes cookie cakes in their bakery department. They have two flavor choices. There’s the Chocolate Candy Cookie Cake and the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake. Each comes in one size, full, which is 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 0.5″. They’re customizable, so you can have anything written on them for any kind of celebration. They’re less expensive than the traditional cake and cupcake offerings at Walmart, too.

You can order them from the website, complete the customization, pay for them online, and then pick it up in-store for free.

Cookie cakes are great alternatives to traditional cakes and they’re easier to eat.

This article is about Walmart cookie cakes and their quality.

Does Walmart Make Cookie Cakes?

Though they don’t have nearly as many options of cookie cakes for customers to choose from, Walmart does offer them in their bakeries. 

Once you’ve chosen your flavor, you’ll move to the frosting selection page. You may opt for either buttercreme style frosting or whipped. The buttercreme frosting has 15 color choices, while the whipped frosting has 11.

Next, you’ll choose whether or not you want a border around the edge of the cookie cake. 

You also get a choice of decoration. You can leave it plain, or choose from flowers, balloons, or various kinds of toppings.

Once you’ve chosen all your decorations, you’ll be prompted to design your message. You don’t have to put a message on the cake but you have the option to with up to 50 characters.

After you’ve made all your selections, you’ll be taken to the review page where you can choose to edit your choices or go to check out. 

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Are Walmart Cookie Cakes Good?

Walmart’s cookie cakes are good and tasty. The cookie itself is soft and chock full of the chocolate chunks or chocolate candies, depending on which flavor you order. 

Here’s another reason Walmart‘s cookie cakes are so good. They are baked in the bakery at the store. No, we’re not saying they make the cookie dough fresh from scratch right in the store.

They don’t. It gets shipped to the Walmart locations in a frozen state.

The bakery workers thaw it, prepare it, and bake it in their respective stores, however. So you get a fresh cookie cake.

How Is the Quality of a Walmart Cookie Cake?

These cookie cakes are good quality. Though the dough is frozen and shipped to the Walmart bakeries across the country, that means you can pay a bargain price for a cookie cake that’s baked right there in the bakery.

You get a fresh product for less than you would pay for one made with dough the bakery workers must make from scratch. 

The cookie cakes are soft and chewy, the way a cookie is meant to be. They are about a half inch thick, so they’re satisfying and you’ll have plenty to go around even if you’re only cutting slim slices.

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How Much Does a Walmart Cookie Cake Cost?

There is only one size of cookie cake at Walmart. It costs $10.98. (The cost could vary from region to region.) What’s great about that price is you can make all of your customization choices within it.

The price doesn’t increase as you make your different selections.

How Long Does a Walmart Cookie Cake Last?

Cookie cakes can usually be stored for a little longer than traditional cakes, as long as you keep them in a sealed storage container.

Generally, your cookie cake leftovers are at their best for about a week. You’ll likely still find them good for another week, too.

Should I Buy a Walmart Cookie Cake?

The reality is, that not everyone likes traditional cake that much. Some people simply like cookies more than cake. If you, or the person you’re purchasing a cake for prefers cookies, then why not go with a cookie cake? 

Since cookie cakes also keep better than a traditional cake, you’re less likely to have to throw a bunch of cake away.

And if you must throw away any of the cookie cakes, it won’t feel so bad because the cookie cakes cost less than the other kinds of cake.

How Many Servings Are in a Walmart Cookie Cake?

Technically, there are four servings. That’s if you cut the cake into quarters. That’s based on nutritional facts and all the FDA data.

You can get many more servings out of a cookie cake by cutting in slivers starting in the middle and slicing out to the edge. If you do that all the way around the cake, you’ll get many more servings.

How Many Calories Are in a Cookie Cake Serving?

The official serving size is one-quarter of the Walmart cookie cake. One quarter has about 170 calories in it. It also contains 100 milligrams of sodium and 15 grams of sugar.


Walmart makes cookie cakes from frozen dough in their bakeries. You can customize your cookie cake order online, including the type of frosting, the colors of frosting, the border, the decorations, and the message. Cookie cakes are cheaper and easier to serve.

They also store better and for longer. 

Next time you’re planning a celebration for someone special in your life, consider ordering a Walmart cookie cake. Your guests will likely be thrilled.



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