Does Tesco Sell Halal Meat? (Halal Food + More!)  

Does Tesco Sell Halal Meat

People ask, does Tesco sell Halal meat?

Are you looking for meat to feed your family that has had the Halal blessing? There are many stores that claim to have halal products, but many only carry them seasonally during Ramadan.

Tesco is one of the top markets in the UK and many wonders if they carry halal meat. We have the truth behind Tesco’s halal meat, and it might surprise you!

Yes, Tesco sells halal meat in their stores! Not all the meat that they sell will be halal, including some pork products, but there are many options for your family to choose from throughout every season.

What is Tesco?

Tesco is a British grocery store with general merchandise. It has become the 3rd largest retailer in the world in revenue with shops in only five countries across Europe.

Tesco is the top grocery store in the UK. Tesco carries many different products based on the regional demands of each store.

What halal meat does Tesco carry?

According to Muslim law, only chicken, game birds, beef, lamb, venison, and fish can be considered halal. They are only prohibited to eat pigs and reptiles.

The types of halal meat that Tesco carries include but are not limited to:

  • Tahira Chicken Smoked Sausages Hot Dogs
  • Adalya Halal Poultry Bacon
  • Najma Halal Sliced Turkey Chorizo
  • Najma Wafer Thin Turkey slices
  • Tahira Sliced Turkey Salami
  • Tahira Chicken Sausage with Tikka
  • Najma Halal Chicken Pieces Hickory BBQ
  • Tahira Hot & Spicy Beef ; Chicken Sausages
  • Tahira Poultry Frankfurters Hot & Spicy
  • Fresh cuts of Salmon and other fish

What other halal products does Tesco sell?

According to the Tesco online ordering website, there are over 30 products listed as halal. These include meat products from halal-certified companies like those previously listed, as well as many dairy products.

Including many kinds of cheese, yogurts, and dairy drinks.

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What makes meat halal?

Muslim people follow a strict diet that does not include forbidden cuts of meat like hindquarters or pork, and the animal must be slaughtered in a specific way, ending in a blessing of the meat for consumption.

  • The animal was fed a diet free of animal by-products
  • Blessing must occur when the slaughtering is taking place.
  • The throat must be slit with a very sharp knife.
  • The carcass must be hung upside down, draining the blood.
  • Performed by a Muslim, or those also allowed to create kosher meat.

Why doesn’t Tesco carry only halal meat?

The Tesco company decided that they wanted to carry meat that was both halal and non-halal because they have customers of many religions.

They wanted to be inclusive to Muslim customers by offering halal meat at many of their locations, and to those that might not want their meat to be slaughtered and blessed in such as manner.

What if my local Tesco doesn’t carry halal meat?

Not every store has opted to sell halal meat, it will depend on if the demand is there. If your local Tesco doesn’t carry halal meat, then just ask the customer service representatives if that would be an option they could start doing.

If they know there is a demand for a particular product, then Tesco is likely to stock it for you.

What products does Tesco carry that are not halal?

For those that do not want to eat halal meat, Tesco has listed several products that have not received a halal blessing.

Just know that many of the meat products might have been processed according to the halal standards so that parts of the animal can go on to be blessed and sold as halal meat while they rest is not.

Some of those products that Tesco carries that are specifically listed as not-halal include:

  • British Organic Lamb
  • British Organic Chicken
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Finest Free-Range Chicken

Is there a label law associated with halal meat?

There is not a labeling law associated with halal meat, however, the government is known to crack down on any company that places false claims on their packaging.

So, in most cases, if the packaging says halal meat, then it is. But there is some controversy about meat that isn’t labeled halal but is slaughtered using those practices.

What is the controversy surrounding Tesco carrying halal meat?

Lately, there’s been controversary in the news surrounding the fact that some people are concerned that their meat is slaughtered in the same way that halal meat is slaughtered, sometimes without stunning the animal first.

Those people don’t want to eat meat that is butchered in that way and wants Tesco to not carry those products.

But Tesco has decided to be inclusive to all their customers by offering products that were butchered using the halal method and products that have not.


Yes, Tesco does sell halal meat in their stores. Their products labeled halal come from reputable butchers that practice all the steps required for the meat to be considered halal.

Tesco offers meat that isn’t halal as well, including pork products and certain chicken and lamb products.

Many Tesco stores also carry halal dairy products as well as their halal meat products.

Halal meat is stocked based on demand, so if your local Tesco doesn’t carry a product that you are looking for, just talk to customer service and I’m sure they would love to stock it for you.



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