Does Subway Accept EBT in Virginia? (Food Stamps + More)

Does Subway Accept EBT in virginia

Do you know if Subway accepts EBT food stamps in Virginia? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Subway restaurant locations in the state of Virginia do not accept EBT cards as a valid form of payment for purchased food. Customers of Virginia Subways must pay for their purchases with cash, debit, credit or gift card, or a check.

In this article, we will cover whether or not Virginia Subway locations will ever accept EBT payments as well as what state Subways already do.

Additionally, we will discuss the food retailers in Virginia that will accept EBT and what the advantages are for Virginia Subway locations to accept EBT.

Will Subway Ever Accept EBT in Virginia?

Although Subway locations in the commonwealth of Virginia do not currently accept EBT as a valid form of payment, that could change soon. A bill was passed in the fall of 2021 to amend the Virginia SNAP program to begin participating in the Restaurant Meals Program.

This would allow eligible EBT recipients to use their government given funds to purchase food from restaurants.

Currently, only a handful of states participate in this program and Virginia has made moves to join that list. As of right now, the program has not been put into effect in Virginia, so Subway locations and other restaurants still do not accept EBT food stamps.

There has also been no word on when the program will be initiated and what restaurants will be participating.

The decision to enact the Restaurant Meals Program was driven by a desire to make food more accessible to the state’s citizens so hopefully measures will be put into place soon.

While Subway is not guaranteed to be on the list of participating restaurants, there is a good chance that it will be since it is in other RMP participating states.

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What Subway Locations Do Accept EBT?

Currently, only Subway locations in California, Arizona, and Rhode Island accept EBT as a valid form of payment, although that may change very soon.

Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia have recently joined the Restaurant Meals Program to allow EBT recipients to use their cards for restaurant purchases.

While Subway is not currently on the list of accepted locations, it may join them soon since the pioneering states of the Restaurant Meals Program have them on their EBT accepting lists.

In California, only certain counties participate in the program, but these areas are the ones that are most heavily populated.

The entire state of Arizona is a participant in the program so you can go to any Subway location in the state and use your EBT card.

Most of the dozen or so Subway locations in Rhode Island also participate in the Restaurant Meals Program although there may be a few exceptions.

If you are ever in doubt about whether or not you can use your EBT card at a Subway, ask a manager or check the front window for a sticker indicating that they participate in the Restaurant Meals Program.

What Food Retailers in Virginia Accept EBT?

Even though restaurants, including Subway, are currently off limits for EBT payments, there are plenty of food retailers that do accept EBT funds for qualifying food purchases.

Large grocery store chains like Food Lion, small local markets, and gas station convenience stores all participate in the SNAP program in Virginia.

Almost one thousand different food retail locations will accept EBT payments for your grocery store purchases. As long as you are buying cereals and bread, vegetables and fruit, meat including fish and poultry, dairy products, and non-alcoholic beverages, you should be able to use your EBT card to pay for your purchases.

Retailer locations that accept EBT are located in every county in Virginia, and you can find a list of participating stores easily with a quick Google search.

If you plan to make an EBT transaction at a particular store or want to purchase something online, check with the retailer first before getting to the checkout.

Any store manager or cashier should be able to assist you with your EBT purchase and let you know if they allow EBT card payments and whether or not the items in your shopping cart qualify.

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What Are the Benefits of Virginia Subway’s Accepting EBT?

It may be difficult to understand why Virginia Subway locations don’t currently accept EBT payments, but that rule may be about to change.

There are many benefits for the state to include Subway in their EBT qualifying restaurants. Allowing Virginia citizens to access hot and ready meals is a great way to ensure that they will eat.

The Restaurant Meals Program is also very particular about the EBT recipients that can participate in the specialty program.

Only those who are disabled, elderly, or homeless are allowed to use EBT funds to purchase meals from restaurants. This will aid in any potential abuse of the system and allow the Virginia government to help its most vulnerable citizens.

Giving EBT recipients access to restaurants such as Subway will also help boost the local restaurant economy. Since the global pandemic and food shortages, many restaurant businesses have suffered severe loss of income.

This program will help Virginia’s restaurant industry rebuild to support those who rely on the income.

All around, Virginia’s decision to participate in the Restaurant Meals Program and its potential to allow EBT recipients to purchase meals at places like Subway will benefit restaurant customers, employees, and owners.


While Subway locations in Virginia do not currently accept EBT payments, that could soon change with the implementation of the Restaurant Meals Program that was passed in the fall of 2021.

While a plan for rollout and a list of participating restaurants has not yet been released, Subway could very well be a viable option in the future for EBT recipients.

Other states such as Arizona, California, and Rhode Island have participating Subway locations that allow customers to pay for their meals with EBT cards.

Perhaps, Virginia will follow their lead and add Subway to the list of places EBT recipients can benefit from.


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