Does Club Soda Have Sugar? (Carbs In Club Soda – The Truth!)

Does Club Soda Have Sugar

Do you know if Club Soda has Sugar or if Club soda is sweet? these are questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

You want to find a drink with a little more kick than regular water, but you also don’t want to add a super sugary beverage to your diet.

You have a few different options, but you’re leaning toward club soda with its fresh fizzy taste. Before you commit yourself though you’ve got to know.

So, does club soda have any sugar in it? No, Club soda has no sugar in it and Club Soda is not sweet. It does not have a sweet flavor, rather a slightly salty one. There are no carbs or sugar added to club soda, so it is a great beverage for those who need to watch their sugar intake.

In this article, we will address whether or not flavored club soda has sugar in it and what other drinks similar to club soda may have sugar if you need a little sweetness.

We will also cover what additives are in club soda and whether or not you can add sugar to club soda to make it sweeter.

Does Flavored Club Soda Have Sugar?

Some brands of club soda come in different flavors such as berry, lemon lime, orange, cranberry, or pomegranate.

Depending on the brand of club soda, they may use a little bit of sugar as part of the flavoring. Some brands use other methods of flavoring aside from sugar though.

If you are trying to avoid sugar, check the nutrition facts label of the club soda you intend to drink to see if it contains any sugar.

Plain club sodas will not have sugar so you only need to check the labels of flavored club sodas.

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Are There Other Drinks Like Club Soda That Have Sugar?

Club soda is similar to other drinks such as seltzer, sparkling mineral water, and tonic water. While sparkling mineral water and seltzer do not have any sugar like club soda, tonic water does.

Tonic water is slightly sweeter than club soda because of this.

Tonic water has approximately 30 grams of sugar, while club soda has no sugar. Both tonic water and club soda make good mixers for drinks but because of the difference in sugar content provides different flavor profiles.

So if you need a substitute for club soda that is slightly sweeter, tonic water is the way to go.

What Additives Does Club Soda Have?

Even though club soda doesn’t have any sugar, it does have some additives. Club soda is carbonated water with the addition of minerals such as potassium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, and potassium sulfate.

Club soda also contains carbon dioxide which makes the drink fizzy.

The added minerals in club soda give it a slightly salty flavor and do raise the sodium content of the drink.

However, there are no carbs or sugars in club soda so those do not contribute to the calorie content of the beverage.

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Can You Add Sugar to Your Club Soda to Sweeten It?

You could add sugar to club soda if you wanted to make it sweeter. Although adding sugar may change the carbonation rate of the drink.

The carbon molecules will be attracted to the sugar granules you add and cause the drink to produce extra fizz. You may have to wait for it to settle down before taking a drink!

Adding straight sugar may not give the desired sweet effect you are looking for, but there are other alternatives to sweetening your club soda.

You could add honey or fruits such as berries or citrus fruit. These will not only sweeten your club soda, but they will also give it another flavor profile to satisfy your taste buds.

Since Club Soda Doesn’t Have Sugar, How Many Calories Does It Have?

Without sugar or carbs to add to the calorie content, club soda has no calories at all.

The only ingredients in club soda are water, minerals, and carbon. None of these contain calories so club soda remains calorie free.

This is a great drink to add to your diet if you are counting calories because you can drink as much as you want!

Club soda is the perfect diet drink for those looking to avoid adding more calories or sugar to their daily consumption. It gives a bit of flavor and kick without adding calories to the mix.

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What Is Club Soda a Good Sugar Free Alternative For?

Club soda can replace regular or diet soda as a healthy drink alternative. Even diet soda contains sweeteners and calories, so it is better to drink club soda instead.

Club soda still offers the same refreshing fizz as regular soda and a slightly mineral taste.

It is a more festive alternative to plain tap water and a healthier, sugar free alternative to regular sodas such as Pepsi, Coke, and Dr. Pepper.

If you are looking for a little more flavor in your club soda, try adding lemon or lime juice. Or you can check out flavored club sodas, although you will have to check if they are sugar free.


Club soda is a popular drink for those looking for an alternative way of hydrating. Most importantly, it does not contain sugar so if you are looking to avoid adding more carbs or sugar to your diet, club soda is just the thing.

If you like club soda but want a little sweeter taste than what the slightly salty drink provides, check out tonic water.

Alternatively, you could select flavored club soda with may contain sugar or add your own sweetener to club soda in the form of honey or natural fruit extracts.

Even though club soda doesn’t have sugar, it does contain natural minerals and carbon to make it fizzy. However, these additives have no calories, so club soda is calorie free.

Club soda can replace regular soda or diet soda if you are looking for a sugar free drink but still want the refreshing carbonation of soda.

Overall, club soda provides the perfect beverage to keep you hydrated and help reduce your sugar intake.

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