Does Barnes And Noble Sell Amazon Gift Cards (Best Tips Explained!)

Does barnes and noble sell amazon gift cards

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Barnes and Noble sells Amazon gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Amazon gift cards are great presents for all different events and parties, making them very helpful to shoppers when you can easily pick one up in various local shops. 

So, does Barnes and Noble sell Amazon gift cards? Yes, Barnes and Noble are one of the many retailers that sell amazon gift cards in the more than 600 store locations they have across the U.S. 

Does Barnes and Nobles Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

When you walk into your local Barnes and Nobles store, you can easily find many Amazon gift card options in their vast display of outside retailer gift cards selection.

These gift cards come in different designs and denominations, providing options for everyone and all different situations.

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Can You Purchase Amazon gift cards on the Barnes and Noble website?

While you can purchase ample amounts of Amazon gift cards from Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar stores, you are not given the option to purchase them through their online website at this time. 

Can You Use Your Amazon Gift Card at Barnes and Nobles?

No, you can not use your Amazon gift cards at Barnes and Nobles. You cannot use any retail-specific card in another company’s store.

You can only use Amazon gift cards on Amazon’s website. Amazon gift cards can be used for products and services such as Amazon music, videos, movies, apps, and more.

While you can not use Amazon gift cards to buy products at Barnes & Nobles, they do accept an array of other payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, Barnes and Nobles gift cards, and PayPal.

Does Barnes and Nobles sell Gift Cards?

Yes, you can purchase Barnes and Noble gift cards from their physical locations and their website. The company offers a massive variety of Barnes and Noble gift cards that come in tons of designs and denominations.

You can get gift cards with themes and occasions, including:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Kids themes
  • Lego themes
  • Appreciation
  • Congrats
  • more…

When shopping online, you also have the option of sending e-gift cards and purchasing corporate cards. 

This website also gives you the ability to check your gift card balance so you can quickly get information on how much money you have left to use and allow you to refill your card.

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What Can You Buy With a Barnes and Nobles Gift Card?

You can use your Barnes and Noble gift card to buy almost anything the company sells. You can purchase books, devices such as the nook, music, cafe items, gifts, and more. 

You can not use the Barnes and Noble gift card to pay for nook subscriptions, and they can not be traded in for their cash value. 

Can You Use a Barnes and Nobles Gift Card on the Amazon Website? (Here’s a Great Tip)

Although you can not use your Barnes & Nobles gift card on the Amazon website to purchase any items or products sold through the company, you can download the Nook app to an Amazon device and use the Barnes and Nobles gift card to buy from there. 

Can I Use a Barnes and Nobles Gift Card to Buy an Amazon Gift Card at the Store?

Unfortunately, you can not use one gift card to buy another, especially when the cards are from two separate companies.

So, even though Barnes and Nobles do sell Amazon gift cards, you can not purchase them with a Barnes and Nobles card.

If you have a Barnes and Noble gift card that you do not want or need, there are a few ways you can get rid of them and possibly swap it out for an Amazon gift card.

Trade Your Old Gift Cards on a Gift Card Swap Site

There are a bunch of gift card swap sites that let you take one gift card and trade it with someone else for theirs.

Here you can get rid of a Barnes & Noble gift card you don’t ever intend on using for the Amazon gift card you want.

Sell Your Old Gift Cards

You can sell your unwanted gift cards for cash on card buying sites and third-party sites like eBay. Be careful when utilizing these sites, and be aware that you are not going to get the entire value of the card.

Most of the time, you will lose some of the balance of the card; this is why people buy from these sites rather than getting them directly from the retailer. 

For example, a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card will probably sell for $40 in cash. You can then take that cash to purchase items on Amazon. 

Find a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Another way to get money for your unwanted Barnes and Noble gift card is by putting it into a gift card exchange kiosk. These work similar to a DVD rental system and are self-service.

You simply place the card into the slot, the computer will offer you a percentage of the remaining balance, and you can accept or deny it.

This is a great option for those who have used gift cards but do not plan on using the leftover balance. 

Once you get the money back from the card, you can use it to purchase items on Amazon. 

Does Amazon Sell Barnes and Nobles Gift Cards?

Yes, Amazon does sell Barnes and Noble gift cards. You can buy physical plastic gift cards or ecards.

You can also buy happy teen gift cards that allow the recipient the option to use the card in multiple locations, with one of them being Barnes and Noble.

You can also buy Barnes and Noble eReader (Nook) on Amazon and with an Amazon gift card.

Summing Things Up

Simply put, yes, you can buy an Amazon Gift card from Barnes and Noble. The cards come in numerous pre-loaded denominations and make the perfect present for all types of situations.

Unfortunately, if you are attempting to purchase an Amazon gift card with your Barnes and Noble gift card, you’re going to be disappointed. 

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