Can You Use An Electric Blanket In An RV? (EXPLAINED)

Can You Use An Electric Blanket In An RV

Have you ever wondered if you can use an electric blanket in an RV? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

When using an electric blanket in an RV, the blanket must be plugged into a grounded three-pronged outlet. An electric blanket is not designed for the open air and is not connected to an insulator piece.

An RV is not your typical house, and it is definitely not like your bed at home.

Can you use an electric blanket in an RV? Yes, you may use an electric blanket in an RV; however, there are important things to consider before adding an electric blanket to your bedding routine.

You want to ensure that the RV is set up properly for an electric blanket and you want to take some precautions to avoid damaging anything in the RV.

What kind of electric blankets can I use?

👉  An RV without heat? It might sound crazy to most people, but it’s true—most RVs are equipped with only one, small heat source.

Modern RVs do come equipped with a small furnace that can produce enough warm air to heat the main cabin, but there’s no way this furnace can heat all of an RV’s sleeping quarters.

This is why you need an electric blanket for your RV.

👉 The main reason these blankets have been around for so long is due to their ability to make you feel warm very quickly. They will begin to warm the second you put one on and you will be amazed at how much warmer it can make you.

Some RV electric blankets are designed to be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer and can be left on for long periods.

This means that you don’t have to be continuously heating or cooling your RV, wasting money and causing unnecessary wear and tear on your appliance.

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👉 You can use most types of electric blankets on RVs. There are different types available for different temperatures.

Our suggestion is to stick with the lower wattage continuous rated electric blankets and you will be fine.

And if you want to be extra safe, make sure to choose an electric blanket with an automatic shutoff feature for safety.

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What are the benefits of an electric blanket?

An electric blanket for your RV will create a warm and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for any of your camping trips.

If you are sick of hearing complaints from others when they get cold, then take a step into the new age of comfort and warmth.

An electric blanket is perfect for people who suffer from cold feet and hands. It also can be used to gently warm a child before bedtime or even to help ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

The insulated cover traps heat inside the blanket where it radiates back into the bed and provides a cozy, warm sleep.

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What kind of electric blanket should I choose?

When considering what type of electric blanket to use in your RV you’ll want to consider both the temperature range that you’ll need it to heat and the climate conditions that you’ll be using it in.

Electric blankets are made to heat up quickly once plugged in. However, they aren’t able to maintain that temperature very long, so you’ll want to ensure that your RV is within a certain comfort level before turning off the blanket.

The first thing to consider when choosing an electric blanket for your RV is how much heat it generates. If you have a tendency to run cold at night, choose one with a higher wattage rating.

There are affordable electric blankets with up to nine temperature settings and an auto-off function for extra safety.

Most also have an automatic power cut-off if there’s a short circuit.

How much power will my electric blanket use?

Electric blankets remain one of the most popular comfort accessories for anyone who spends a lot of time in their RV. An electric blanket works with your RV’s electrical system and draws very little power.

On average, you can expect to use less than $1.50 per day while plugged into an electrical site, more during cloudy weather or cold nights, and less during the summer season or warm nights.

Different RVs have different electrical systems. Typically they provide 12v power which is all that is needed to run a 12v blanket. Constantly running the air conditioner will drain the batteries faster than running just the lights and accessories but either way, it should not be an issue to run a blanket.

But make sure to not exceed 10amps charge in your RV park power outlet. Higher amps will fry your electric blanket and cause a fire or personal injury.

How long do I need to use an electric blanket in an RV?

How long do I need to use an electric blanket in an RV? You can use an electric blanket in your RV for about 30 minutes to one hour. This will ensure your bed is warm when you get in it, and won’t run too much power, but of course, if you have enough batteries and it’s really cold outside, you can keep it running all night.

Depending on the temperature, humidity, and setting of your thermostat, you will still need to use an electric blanket with your RV to get proper warmth in colder weather.

The decision to use a blanket on the bed you sleep in should be based on the temperatures around you.

If the room temperature is comfortable, you do not need an electric blanket. However, if the temperatures seem too chilly for your liking, by all means, use the electric blanket.

The length of time you need to use your electric blanket really depends on the size of your RV and the climate that you travel through. We recommend using an electric blanket if you are camping in temperatures that dip below 45 degrees.

Contrary to popular belief using an electric blanket in an RV is no different than using one in a home. The only requirement here is to make sure that you have the proper sizing of an electric blanket and that it is recommended to use in all seasons, including summer.

The reason for this recommendation is due to some RVs being poorly insulated and cold spots occurring regardless of the weather.

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Are electric blankets safe?

Most electric blankets are safe to use in your RV. Current safety standards ensure blankets are tested at high temperatures and you can find a lot with safety shut-off systems.

Because of overheating, the covers on all electric blankets are equipped with a thermal fuse. It is a thin metal strip embedded in the seam which acts as a protection device for the wires.

This safety measure prevents high temperatures to reach the wires and causing damage to them or even starting a fire.

If you’re using your electric blanket in a motorhome, van, or other vehicle made from non-combustible materials, it’s perfectly safe to use. The important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, making absolutely sure that it is properly insulated and fused.

Having said that, most manufacturers would recommend using electric blankets only while you are plugged into shore power to help avoid any short circuits and subsequent damage to both the blanket and vehicle wiring.

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