Are Vashi Diamonds Certified? (Review, Quality + More)

Are Vashi Diamonds Certified

Buying a diamond is a big decision, one that should be taken with great care. Before buying one, you should ensure it’s authentic, ethically sourced, and conflict-free.

All diamonds sold by the jewelry retailer Vashi are certified. All its natural diamonds come with a grading report that evaluates them based on the four Cs – clarity, color, cut, and carat. Vashi’s diamonds are also ethically sourced and conform to the Kimberley Process’s regulations on conflict-free diamonds.

Read on to discover more about Vashi’s diamonds and what their certification means. Happy reading!

What are certified diamonds?

Diamond certification refers to the evaluation of diamonds based on their clarity, color, cut, and carat – also known as the four Cs. These four parameters are mentioned in the diamond certificate or report and give you a detailed overview of the quality of the diamond you’ve bought. 

Furthermore, a diamond certificate establishes the stone’s authenticity and acts as proof of ownership as well. This evaluation system was created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is widely used to grade the quality of diamonds. 

Diamond certificates are issued by the GIA for natural D-to-Z diamonds, natural-colored diamonds, and laboratory-grown diamonds. It also grades pearls and other colored stones.

The GIA offers a large variety of services and reports for diamonds. These include grading reports, origin reports, dossiers, focus reports, and many other services.

Getting a diamond certification from the GIA isn’t free. The fee depends on the type of certification/report you want and the weight of your diamond in carats.

For a natural diamond weighing between 1.00 and 1.19 carats, the grading report fee is $ 113.

To find out the latest GIA diamond certification fees, check out their website.

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Is diamond certification necessary?

Getting a diamond certification is something we definitely recommend. There are many benefits of getting a proper certification for your diamond.

Here are a few:

  1. A certification report tells you if the diamond is authentic and gives you a detailed overview of its quality.
  2. The certificate serves as proof of ownership for you.
  3. If you’re selling your diamond, certification tells buyers everything they need to know about it. And it assures them what they’re buying is authentic.

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Are Vashi diamonds certified?

Yes, Vashi diamonds are certified. The diamonds Vashi sells come with a natural diamond grading report. This report evaluates the quality of diamonds based on the four Cs – clarity, color, cut, and carat.

For each of these four categories, there is a certain range of values and parameters for diamonds that Vashi works with. It does not work with diamonds that fall outside these ranges in any of the four categories.

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What are GIA and non-GIA certifications for diamonds?

Diamond grading reports can either be issued by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or any other independent body.

While GIA is the most popular diamond certification body, other entities also provide diamond grading reports, known as non-GIA certifications.

These include:

  • American Gemological Society (AGS)
  • European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)

The last two certification bodies are quite popular throughout Europe.

Where does Vashi source its diamonds from?

According to its website, Vashi sources its diamonds from trusted suppliers whose diamonds are ethically mined and conflict-free.

Vashi makes sure these diamonds were mined according to guidelines and protocols defined by the Kimberley Process as well as United Nations (UN) resolutions.

Additionally, all diamonds Vashi works with are 100% authentic and haven’t been modified in any way.

All diamonds are natural and come with a certification/grading report that allows you to verify their authenticity. 

Does Vashi sell conflict diamonds?

So what are conflict diamonds? The term is used to categorize and identify diamonds that are mined in warzones and are sold to fund wars, insurgencies, and other international and civil conflicts. This is especially common in several African countries.

To prevent diamonds from being traded to fund such illegal campaigns, the Kimberley Process was established in 2003.

With protocols and regulations governing the trade of diamonds, it ensures that these stones don’t enter the global diamond market.

Vashi claims all the diamonds it sources are conflict-free and ethically mined. It has a reliable network of suppliers that adhere to regulations defined by the Kimberly Process and the UN.

Moreover, Vashi states that if any of its suppliers violates the regulations of the Process, it would stop sourcing diamonds from them.

What is the quality of the diamonds Vashi works with?

As we mentioned before, diamond quality is evaluated using the four Cs – clarity, color, cut, and carat.

  1. Clarity. Clarity refers to how clear the diamond is and if it has any blemished and inclusions. Vashi works with diamonds graded Internally Flawless to Slightly Included for clarity.
  2. Color. The industry standard for grading a diamond’s color goes from D (colorless) to Z (strongly colored). Vashi works with diamonds graded D to I for color.
  3. Cut. The quality of a diamond’s cut is based on its symmetry, polish, and proportion. The better the cut, the more brilliance, and sparkle will be produced. Vashi works with diamonds graded Super Ideal to Good for a cut.
  4. Carat. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The higher the carat weight, the higher the price of the diamond. Vashi works with diamonds belonging to a range of carat weights.

In a nutshell, Vashi sells high-quality diamonds that are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Moreover, their diamonds come with a grading report listing all the specifications.


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Final thoughts

A diamond grading report is an important certification that you should get if you’re buying a diamond. It evaluates the quality of the diamond and serves as proof of ownership.

All diamonds sold by the jewelry retailer Vashi are certified and come with a grading report. Moreover, Vashi ethically sources its diamonds and ensures they are conflict-free.

In this guide, we went over everything you might need to know about Vashi’s diamonds being certified. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed it!



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