Are Macy’s Diamonds Certified? (Ring Review, GIA + More)

are macy diamonds certified

Macy’s is one of the largest department stores with a renowned jewelry department that carries some of the finest pieces found outside of a jeweler. However, are the jewelry pieces containing diamonds sold at Macy’s certified?

Macy’s only sells diamond jewelry that is certified. If you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry from Macy’s, it will come with a certification that gives quality proof of its grading.

In this article, we will cover what information is on a diamond certification report, who certifies Macy’s diamonds, and why it is important to have diamonds certified.

Additionally, we will address whether Macy’s diamonds are real and why they are more expensive than uncertified diamonds.

What Information Can You Learn from a Macy’s Diamond Certification Report?

A diamond certification report that accompanies any Macy’s diamond purchase will tell you all you need to know about the stone or stones set in your piece of jewelry.

Professional gemologists examine each diamond and grade it according to the stone’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Each diamond is unique and will receive a different grading of each of these parameters which will be noted on the report.

You will be able to tell the exact quality of your diamond so that you know how much it is worth and why.

The rarer a certain feature is on a diamond, for example, certain colors and a low number of imperfections, the higher the quality.

Additionally, certain diamond cuts are worth more because they reflect the light better through their facets. All of these details will be included in your Macy’s diamond certification report.

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Who Certifies Macy’s Diamonds?

Macy’s carries diamonds certified by a few different notable gemological organizations such as the American Gem Society, Gemological Science International, and the Gemological Institute of America.

All of these are trusted names that train highly qualified gemologists to grade diamonds accordingly.

Another company known as GemEx also provides certifications for Macy’s diamonds. They use innovative technology such as their own Brilliance Scope Analyzer to measure the light reflections and refractions in each diamond and provide an accurate grade according to clarity.

The institute that certifies each Macy’s diamond depends on the brand that the jewelry piece is manufactured by. However, Macy’s only carries certified diamonds to ensure that their customers are getting what they pay for.

When you buy a diamond from Macy’s, it will always come with a certification report from one of these reputable organizations.

Why Is It Important for Macy’s Diamonds to be Certified?

Although Macy’s doesn’t have to certify each of the diamonds it sells, it does in order to reassure every customer that the product they are buying is worth every penny spent.

A certified diamond is not necessarily any greater quality than an uncertified diamond; however, with the certification from a reputable gemologist, buyers are assured of their diamond’s worth.

Macy’s wants to ensure that there is no doubt in the buyer’s mind that the diamonds they purchase from Macy’s are genuine and hold real value.

A certification will tell you everything you need to know about the diamond you buy from the color to any imperfections to the exact light refractive properties it possesses.

Macy’s could sell the same diamonds, assuring that they are real, without certification, but transparency is a key factor in Macy’s relationship with its customers.

Macy’s wants you to know everything about your diamond when you buy it and not after it has been purchased at more cost to you.

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Are Macy’s Diamonds Real?

Macy’s carries a lot of jewelry from a number of different brands. Some of its fine jewelry pieces do contain real diamonds, and some simple costume pieces are made with glass imitation diamonds.

All of Macy’s real diamonds come with certifications from a recognized gemological institution.

Some of the real diamonds that Macy’s sells in its jewelry pieces are lab created while others are sourced from naturally occurring mines.

For the naturally occurring diamonds, Macy’s assures that all of their products are made with conflict free stones guaranteed by the World Diamond Council’s Kimberley Process.

When you are shopping at Macy’s, inquire with an associate about their fine jewelry and ask to see real diamonds and they will happily oblige.

Likewise, if you are shopping online, you can use a filter to only search for jewelry products that contain real diamonds.

Why Are Macy’s Certified Diamonds More Expensive than Uncertified Diamonds from Other Retailers?

While Macy’s has both costume and fine jewelry, all of its real diamond pieces come with certification reports issued from a trusted gemological society.

You may have noticed if you go comparison shopping at other jewelry stores that prices for uncertified diamonds may be lower than the prices for Macy’s certified diamonds.

The increased price of Macy’s diamonds does not necessarily mean they are better quality; however, the certification process increases the diamond’s value because each of the important aspects of the stone – cut, clarity, carat weight, and color – are known and have been determined by a professional gemologist.

The certification of a diamond is a service that typically costs at least $150 and knowing the grade of the diamond may further increase the price if it is higher quality than previously thought.

Overall, even though Macy’s certified diamonds may be more expensive than the leading competitor’s uncertified diamonds, they are more than worth the added cost.


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Macy’s carries a wide variety of diamond jewelry from costume pieces with glass stones made to mimic diamonds to true diamonds that come with professional certifications.

All of Macy’s read diamonds are certified by one of several renowned gemological institutions and guaranteed conflict free by the Kimberley Process.

With a Macy’s diamond certification report, you will be able to tell what the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of your stone are, and the grade given by a professional gemologist.

Buying a certified diamond from Macy’s will be more expensive than an uncertified diamond someplace else but definitely worth the added expense.



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