Are Clorox Wipes Safe For Babies? (Must Read Before Using)

Are Clorox Wipes Safe For Babies

People ask, Are Clorox Wipes safe for babies?

Disinfectant wipes are a super convenient way to quickly clean bacteria-filled surfaces—but have you ever wondered if they are safe to use around your baby?

Are Clorox wipes safe for babies? Clorox wipes are not safe to be used as baby wipes. You should also never allow your baby to handle or chew on Clorox wipes, as they can be toxic if the cleaning solution is ingested. However, Clorox wipes are perfectly safe to use on surfaces, such as the changing table, and even on your baby’s toys.

The rest of this article will go into detail about what surfaces are safe to use Clorox wipes on, why you should keep them out of reach of your baby, and what to do if your baby gets their hands on a Clorox wipe.

Are Clorox wipes safe for babies?

As we said before, the answer to this question is both yes and no. Clorox wipes are safe to be used around babies, but not on your baby.

You should also be sure to keep the Clorox wipes out of reach of your baby, since they can be dangerous if the cleaning solution is ingested.

Can I use Clorox wipes on my baby’s toys?

Yes, you can use Clorox wipes to disinfect your baby’s toys! However, you should make sure that the toys are completely dry before giving them back to your child.

It also can never hurt if you rinse the toys with water following disinfecting it with the Clorox wipe.

If the toy is one which your baby regularly puts into their mouth, such as a teething toy, you should probably not disinfect it using a Clorox wipe.

This is because the cleaning solution can be toxic if ingested, and it is better to be safe. Mild soap and water should suffice for cleaning toys which will be chewed on.

Clorox wipes are safe for all other surfaces, though, including things such as your baby’s changing table and diaper bin. The Clorox wipes can quickly and handily disinfect these surfaces.

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Can I use Clorox wipes as baby wipes?

No, you should never use Clorox wipes as baby wipes. The cleaning solution that the wipes are soaked in contain chemicals which are not intended to be used on skin.

They are made for cleaning hard surfaces, not living things. If you use a Clorox wipe as a baby wipe, it can cause chemical burns or worse on your baby’s sensitive skin.

If you are out of baby wipes and you need to change your baby, try using toilet paper and a damp soapy wash rag instead of Clorox wipes. This will be much safer for your baby!

Are Clorox wipes toxic for my baby?

Just as we said before, the chemicals contained in the cleaning solution that Clorox wipes are soaked in can cause chemical burns if applied to your baby’s sensitive skin. They can be even more toxic if they are ingested, however.

If your baby swallows a piece of a Clorox wipe, swallows some of the cleaning solution, or sucks on the wipe itself, gastrointestinal irritation may then occur.

This means that your baby could suffer from nausea, vomiting, and other signs of an upset stomach. Especially for such a small person, the cleaning liquid can make them very sick.

It is important to keep these wipes out of reach of your baby and only use them when you can directly ensure that your child will not get their hands on one.

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What should I do if my baby put a Clorox wipe in their mouth?

If your baby gets ahold of a Clorox wipe and puts it in their mouth, swallows it, or swallows some of the cleaning solution that the wipes are soaked in, you should act immediately.

According to the Poison Control Center, you should immediately rinse your baby’s mouth with water, then have them swallow small sips of water to begin to clear their stomach and throat of the solution.

You should also immediately call either your doctor or the Poison Control Center to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps.

If you are concerned that your baby may have swallowed a lot of the solution, you should take them to the emergency room for medical attention.

What about other brands of cleaning wipes?

Other brands of cleaning wipes, such as Lysol and Purell, contain many of the same ingredients as Clorox wipes.

This means that even other brands may contain irritants that can aggravate your (or your baby’s) skin, lungs, stomach, or more.

With that being said, there do exist brands that create specifically non toxic cleaning wipes. If you are worried about your baby getting their hands on your cleaning products, it may be best to seek out non toxic products from the beginning, so that you do not have to worry about your baby being poisoned or getting sick.

Some brands of safer cleaning wipes include:

  • Method
  • Babyganics
  • Grove Co.
  • Aunt Fannie’s
  • Seventh Generation

These brands all produce more natural cleaning wipes with fewer harsh chemicals in their ingredients. This means that they are much safer for not only your baby, but also you!

They can also be safer for others in the household, like pets, who may stick their noses into cleaning products.

So, these brands may be overall safer than Clorox wipes, even though Clorox wipes can still be used safely around your baby.


So, are Clorox wipes safe for babies? The answer is mostly yes. Clorox wipes can safely be used to disinfect many surfaces, including ones such as your changing table and diaper bin.

They can also be used to disinfect baby toys, although you should refrain from using them on toys which are intended to go into your baby’s mouth, such as teething toys.

Clorox wipes become a little more unsafe when applied to the skin or ingested. You should never use Clorox wipes as baby wipes.

Likewise, if your baby manages to put a Clorox wipe in their mouth or swallow a piece of one, you should immediately rinse their mouth with water and contact their doctor or Poison Control.

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