Are ATVs Street Legal in Nevada? (ATV + UTV Laws To Know)

are atvs street legal in nevada

Have you ever wondered if ATVs are street legal in Las Vegas or in Nevada? Well, look no further because we have all the answers to this question.

In Nevada, only vehicles specifically designed to be used on-road are allowed access on streets and highways. Because ATVs are designed for off-road use, they are not and can’t be made street legal.

But, it doesn’t mean that there is a ban on ATVs in Nevada, and there are many places where you can ride them under certain conditions. So, let’s get into further details.

Are ATVs Street legal in Nevada?

In short, ATVs are not street legal in the state of Nevada and cannot be made street legal. The problem is that they do not have safety equipment to satisfy federal vehicle standards when they exit the factory.

Furthermore, they are built to the standards of off-road vehicles, and to be driven off-road. Even if they are equipped with the standard safety equipment, such as lights and mirrors, they are still classified as off-road vehicles.

And are not allowed on public roads. Local municipalities are allowed to designate portions of streets and roads for ATV use. But, it can be done only so that off-road trails are accessible.

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Can I ride an ATV on public lands in Nevada?

Generally speaking, you are allowed to ride ATVs on public land in Nevada. There are huge stretches of both state and federal land that are not protected areas, and literally free-for-all.

If you are planning a visit to some area, you should inform your self is it open. Because some public lands are protected areas and not permitted for any vehicular traffic.

There are also more than 50 off-roading trails and tracks, of which many are on public land. Some of them are open for ATVs, besides the other OHVs or cars.

Also, in the unincorporated towns and communities, where the local roads and streets exist, whether they are paved or not, riding ATVs on them is permitted.

A non-exhaustive list of OHV trails you can find on a state government trails maps web page.

Can I ride an ATV on private lands in Nevada?

Yes, it is allowed to ride an ATV on privately owned land. Also, if an ATV is intended only to be used for husbandry on private land or on public land that you have leased or had a permit issued for husbandry activities on that land, registration of an ATV is not required.

To be able to ride an ATV on any private land, it must be titled and properly registered. Also, you must have the permission of the owner or leaseholder of such private land.

Some of the ATV trails in Las Vegas are privately maintained and situated on private land. By law, you are allowed to ride on them only if you satisfy the requirements set by the owners of the land and the management in charge of the trail.

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Do I have to register or title an ATV in Nevada?

Registering and titling is required by the law in Nevada for all ATVs owned by residents of this state. Both of these are done at the same time, and the Nevada state government has provided an easy-to-use website for getting this done.

The titling fee is $28.25, while registration and the annual renewal are $20 each. From this website, you can download all the required forms and make payments. Once you fill out the forms you need to mail them to DMV.

If you are purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership, you can have it titled and registered through them. In this case, the dealership will prepare and mail all the documents in your name.

If you are visiting Nevada, in case you are coming from a state with registration requirements, you do not need to register in Nevada. Otherwise, the ATV is not allowed to stay in Nevada for longer than 15 days.

Do I need a driver’s license to operate an ATV in Nevada?

No, there is no requirement to poses a driver’s license to be able to ride an ATV. Because these vehicles are not allowed on highways, this requirement to operate a vehicle on them does not apply.

But, there are some age-based limitations when it comes to types of ATVs that are allowed to be used by persons younger than 16. They are based on federal laws, and very confusingly graded per maximum speed of vehicles.

Because of this, every ATV has a sticker with information about the appropriate age, which must be followed in Nevada.

Are helmets mandatory in Nevada?

There is a legal requirement for the driver of an ATV to wear a helmet when it is operated on a public highway. While passengers are not required.

Because many stretches of public lands are managed by the Bureau of Land Management, they can impose requirements for riding on their trails and roads.

And on such public lands, they do require the use of helmets.

But, your ATV must also come equipped with some gear:

  • a muffler,
  • a spark arrester,
  • working headlights and taillights.


If you have ever wondered if ATVs are Street legal in Nevada, that would be everything you must know. They are not street legal, and not allowed on streets and highways as they are off-highway vehicles.

But, there are many public lands where you can ride them. Both open lands and ATV trails. But to do so, your vehicle must be properly titled and registered.

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