Are ATVs Street Legal in Alaska? (Yes, Here Is Why)

Are ATVs Street Legal in alaska

Have you ever wondered if ATVs are street legal in Alaska? Well, look no further as we have all the answers you might be looking for. Including the latest changes to the ATV regulations in Alaska that have come into power in 2022.

On the first day of 2022 new legislation governing ATVs and other OHVs has come to force in Alaska. And if you are looking for information about ATV regulations in Alaska, if you stumble upon an article that doesn’t mention this fact, you can be certain that it is outdated.

So, are ATVs Street legal in Alaska? Yes, in Alaska, ATVs and other OHVs are allowed to be driven on all roads with a speed limit of 45mph or less, if they are titled, registered, and the operator has a valid driver’s license.

Let’s get on with the important details.

Are ATVs street legal in Alaska?

Yes, ATVs are street legal in Alaska after the changes of legislation came into force on January 1st, 2022. Now, such vehicles are allowed on all roads that have a speed limit of 45mph or less, except in towns, cities, and other communities that decide to opt out of these provisions and ban ATVs from their streets.

Currently, there is just a handful of such communities, and the list of them you can find at the bottom of this article.

For an ATV to be street legal in Alaska, it has to be titled, registered, and possess headlights, brakes, brake lights, red rear reflector, muffler, and emission control system.

Can I ride an ATV on public lands in Alaska?

Though the use of ATVs and other OHVs is by new legislation permitted on roads with a speed limit of 45mph or less, their use on other public lands is still subject to old regulations.

In other words, they are allowed only in state and federal parks and other lands in the designated areas and on designated trails.

Two important things you need to have on your mind when visiting these areas. A driver’s license is now required, and the use of helmets is still mandatory.

Can I ride an ATV on private lands in Alaska?

When it comes to riding an ATV on private property in Alaska, old regulation is still in force. In other words, they are completely allowed and there are no limits on their use on private property.

To operate an ATV on private property, you do not need to title or register it, nor do you need to have a driver’s license.

We suggest you that always use protective gear and common sense, but neither is prescribed by law.

Do I have to register or title an ATV in Alaska?

Yes. To be able to use your ATV on public roads it has to be properly titled and registered.

To have it both titled and registered, you will have to fill out the application form V1, where in the affidavit section you will state “Vehicle will be used as an APV”.

Otherwise, your registration and titling will be processed just for use on private properties, as voluntary registration, and not for use on public roads.

Together with a bill of sale, copy of warrant card, or purchase order from the dealer; you have to submit this application at any local DMV office.

You can register your ATV for the period of two, four, or six years, and the fees are:

  • 2 years registration – $10
  • 4 years registration – $20
  • 6 years registration – $30

If you are buying a new ATV, now dealerships have an obligation to title and register all new ATVs. Some do the whole application and processing, while others will submit it to DMV in your name.

In case you are not able to present a proof of ownership, such as when buying a used and not titled ATV, it will not be titled but you will be able to register it with a registration marked as “No Title Issued”.

If during a two years period the ownership of such ATV is not contested, you will then be able to title it in your name.

Do I need a driver’s license to operate an ATV in Alaska?

To be able to use ATVs on public roads you will have to be a holder of a Class D driver’s license or equivalent.

If you are not, you will be able to use it only on private properties.

Are helmets mandatory in Alaska?

The use of helmets is mandatory for ATV riders only on the trails of state parks. Though the state law does not prescribe them, they are compulsory by the park’s regulations.

But, on the roads where ATVs are allowed to be driven, according to state law, only passengers have the obligation to wear a helmet, while the driver does not need to.

Where it is not allowed to ride ATVs in Alaska?

As I’ve said above, the permission to use public roads is state-wide per the recent change of the Title 13 of the Alaska code. But it allows local communities to prohibit or otherwise regulate ATV and other OHV use on their territories.

At the time of writing this article, a certain number of municipalities had such prohibition. In other words, ATVs are not allowed on the streets and roads of:

  • Anchorage,
  • Fairbanks,
  • Homer,
  • Juneau,
  • Kenai,
  • Palmer,
  • Soldotna.

In all other communities, ATVs are allowed to be operated on streets and roads that have a speed limit of 45mph or less, given that they are titled and registered, and the rider has a driver’s license.

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There has been a lot of confusion and outdated information in the ATV community since the rules and regulations concerning the use of ATVs in Alaska changed in January 2022.

The community at large is still not aware that ATVs have become street legal in this state.

If you are wondering are ATVs street legal in Alaska, the answer is yes, they are. ATVs are allowed on all roads with a speed limit of 45mph or less if such ATV is titled and registered and the rider has a valid driver’s license.

But also in designated areas and trails within the state parks.

The law also allows local communities to opt-out of these provisions, and have ATVs banned from their roads, so you should inform yourself about the local regulations.

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