AAMI New Car Replacement Policy (Total loss Car + Coverage)

aami new car replacement policy

Do you know what AAMI’s new car replacement policy is? Or what happens if my car is a total loss? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

AAMI vehicle replacement policy is one of the most audience-engaging policies that interest our latest customers, and we’ve got you covered with all the details needed!

So, what is AAMI’s new car replacement policy? AAMI offers car replacement insurance in case of various accidents. New car replacement is a part of AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance, which states the provision of a new car of the same model and type if the car purchased is less than two years old and has been completely rendered unusable (also called “written off”). 

Below is a detailed insight into the company’s new car replacement policy. Read on!

AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy

AAMI has taken a new stance on standard car insurance. This policy is the basic insurance policy with coverage for major and minor accidents and car damage as a result of any of the following:

  • Accidents
  • Theft
  • Total Loss Car
  • Damage to other cars or property
  • Emergency needs

This policy offers customers a range of things they can cash with the insurance. The prices offered in premium are affordable and easy to understand.

The online process to avail insurance further offers discounts and helps new customers save $50 when new car insurance policies are questioned.

In situations such as complete function, loss accidents are faced by cars less than two years of age, insurance in the form of a new car is available for the customers. Additionally, the company offers customers to “borrow” or hire cars when needed for an unlimited number of days.

When doing so, the risk of accidental damage is also cared for. The policy offers window glass replacement and windscreen repair as part of the policy in these scenarios.

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What is a Green Slip?

Green Slips are also called “Compulsory Third Person” policies; this is an extensive take on the regular policies.

When you purchase another vehicle insurance contract or restore your current one, AAMI offers you something known as a cooling period.

This period is 21 days long, and you can utilize your cooling-off privileges. Assuming you do so, AAMI discounts the sum you paid for the arrangement; however, it likewise implies that you won’t have any cover for your vehicle.

Additionally, canceling the insurance is also an option on the table. When this cancellation is needed, coverage is offered until the date of cancellation is reached. This means any damage until the set date will be taken care of.

What does not come under company insurance?

AAMI is very particular about its criteria and demands its outlines be met. Therefore, when availing of new car replacement insurance, the following incidences do not count as insurance beneficiaries.

  • People with traces of drug intake and abuse who refuse to get tested.
  • A person driving your car has alcohol or drugs in their system.
  • People use cars for theft and robberies.
  • The vehicle is exposed to harmful chemicals or pollutants.
  • The car is legally held back or any unpermitted interference with the law.
  • The car or vehicle has molds, dust, or other pollutants damaging it before the accident.

Steps to avail new car (replacement)

Customers must do the following to avail a new replaced car when complete and total damage to the car is experienced.

It is highly recommended to apply for insurance as soon as the damage is faced. Efforts must be made to ensure no further damage is elicited to the vehicle.

The list of steps to be followed is mentioned below:

  1. Call the helpline immediately after making sure everyone is safe.
  2. Call the local police to record the accident and its details, including damage to the car and people involved.
  3. Note the name of the other party involved in the accident, their names, the damage done, and insurance details.
  4. Contact AAMI right away and give the subtleties of the mishap or robbery. This additionally incorporates harm done to another person’s property or vehicle. Illuminate AAMI whether you require towing administrations to the closest fix, evaluation focus, or another area.

How does AAMI get things done quickly?

AAMI has adapted a fast, secure, and stable setup of online working and form submissions. So when ordering new glass windows or processing a fatal accident, you will not have to go through piles and piles of endless paperwork.

Instead, short, precise, and accurate forms will have to be filled that get the work started.

Apart from this, AAMI allows each customer a service representative who offers advice and technical knowledge when needed during policy revision.

This makes every customer’s concerns heard, and their trust in the company also increases.

With special attention to improving their customer service, AAMI has become one of Australia’s leading car insurance companies!

Why are detailed personal documents so important to keep? 

Insurance companies’ details and requirements are best searched up beforehand and applied as needed.

Moreover, to avail of GST (Goods and Services Tax), keeping detailed documents, including driver’s license, is of immense importance.

How to pay for AAMI Car insurance?

The payment can be best done online through a bank account. It is recommended to make this transfer when you are in the best of health and brain power. The payments can be made for the whole year/ time duration. The other option is installment payment done by the majority of young users.

If you don’t pay your installment on time, AAMI has the freedom to reject your case, assuming the portion is 14 days or more past due date.

You likewise risk having your vehicle insurance contract dropped with practically no earlier warning, even if there is only a solitary portion past due for at least one month.


AAMI offers a wide range of insurance offers with excellent customer service. Availing of these is possible with timely notice of damage and contacting the relevant customer support representative on time.

New replacements are possible with fresh purchases, as long as the basic requirements of the company’s policy are met.

AAMI has committed itself to make life easy for people who face accidents and worry about insurance after collisions, allowing recovery and safety of money in every way!



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