9 Carat Yellow Diamond Price (All You Need To Know)

9 Carat Yellow Diamond Price

Do you know what a 9 carat yellow diamond price is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

A big diamond is always going to be a big investment, but what difference does it make when you’re considering fancy colors as part of the mix?

9-carat diamonds of any type are incredibly rare and hard to come by, so the cost of a 9-carat diamond with a yellow color is certainly not going to be cheap, but what can you actually expect the cost of one to be, and how do they compare to traditional colorless diamonds of this size?

When you’re looking at 9-carat diamonds, you can expect to spend at least $20,000 per carat for a decent quality stone. So, a 9 carat yellow diamond can cost 180,000 dollar and more.

Read ahead in this article to answer those questions and much more.

Are Colored Diamonds Genuine Diamonds?

When you’re talking about diamonds in alternative colors, they can often be mistaken as not being genuine or being entirely different gemstones altogether.

Truthfully, the diamond is a much more varied and versatile stone than most people think, and it can appear in a wide range of different colors.

Often referred to as “fancy colored diamonds”, these versions of the world’s most precious stones are rarer than the more traditional colorless diamonds that most people are used to, and they can appear in almost any color that you can think of.

Among the different colors of diamonds, you will find:

Yellow diamonds are one of the most common versions of these, and some particularly vibrant examples are also known as “canary diamonds” due to the strength of their color.

They are one of a few diamond colors that are common enough for larger stones in the 9-carat range to regularly appear on the market.

Every color type is still a genuine diamond that simply has a slight variation in some way which has made that color visible.

Yellow Diamond Price

Although it is impossible to say exactly how much individual diamonds are actually going to cost without knowing their specific characteristics, we can look at the average value of different yellow diamonds at different carat weights.

Color Intensity1-Carat 5-Carat 9-Carat 
Faint Yellow$1,000 – $2,000$15,000 – $20,000$180,000 – $300,000
Fancy Light Yellow$2,000 – $5,000$20,000 – $40,000$200,000 – $500,000
Fancy Yellow$3,000 – $6,000$40,000 – $80,000$400,000 – $700,000
Fancy Intense Yellow$4,000 – $8,000$80,000 – $120,000$600,000 – $800,000
Fancy Vivid Yellow$8,000 – $20,000$120,000 – $150,000$700,000 – $1,000,000

The prices that you can expect to see for yellow diamonds of any size are actually quite similar to those that you find for colorless diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are generally worth between 50% and 70% less than naturally formed stones, but they are still very rare and very valuable in large sizes.

What Are Yellow Diamonds Worth?

The value of yellow diamonds is a nuanced question because how much they are worth has changed over the years.

Although they are the most common color of fancy color diamonds that can be found naturally, a bright yellow color is still a very rare sight so you would imagine that they would hold greater value than the much more common colorless stones.

Beyond rarity, though, there are other market factors to consider as well. Much of a diamond’s value is down to its desirability, and yellow diamonds have not always been a favored color option among consumers.

At times, yellow diamonds have even been worth less than colorless stones of the same quality.

In more recent years, the value of all fancy color diamonds has gone up and now diamonds with a distinct yellow color are worth about the same as their colorless cousins.

Actually, determining the specific value of an individual stone, however, does require an understanding of what makes a diamond more or less expensive.

What Makes A Yellow Diamond More Expensive?

The factors that influence the cost of these diamonds are much the same as those that affect how much any diamond is worth: mainly, the characteristics of the stone and its origins.

Naturally mined diamonds are always worth more than lab-created stones, and they will also be judged based on the famous “Four Cs”.

The Four Cs are the main characteristics that are assessed on every diamond, regardless of color, and they have a huge influence what you might end up paying for a stone.

The Four Cs are:

  • Carat: The weight of the diamond. The higher the carat, the greater the value. Anything above 1 or 2 carats is considered to be a sizeable stone and will come with a sizeable price tag to match.
  • Color: This relates to how strong the desired color in the stone is. For colorless stones, the presence of any hue or tint reduces its value but for fancy color stones, a stronger color is worth more.
  • Clarity: How many inclusions are visible in the stone under magnification. The clearer a stone is, the more it is worth.
  • Cut: How well the stone has been shaped. The cut of a diamond determines how bright it looks and how well it reflects light.

If you are talking about stones of the same carat weight, like 9-carat diamonds, then the other three categories will determine the differences you see in the price.

What Makes Yellow Diamonds Yellow?

Each kind of colored diamond appears because of a slightly different influence or change, either as the stone formed or due to post-growth exposure.

Some colors become visible due to trace elements within the structure of the diamond, some colors develop through contact with radiation, and others can develop through specific pressure and temperature conditions.

The color of yellow diamonds is caused by a very common trace element, that is actually present in every Type I diamond: nitrogen.

Type I diamonds are defined as any that have nitrogen as the main impurity, typically making up around 0.1% of its atoms, and this type accounts for around 98% of all gem diamonds.

When larger concentrations of nitrogen atoms form, it will give the stone a brown or yellow tint.

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Are Yellow Diamonds And Colorless Diamonds Different?

To understand how much worth yellow diamonds have, it is important to know the relationship they have with the traditional colorless diamonds that are much more common.

Unlike most diamond colors, yellow stones are actually very similar to those that are colorless, and could almost be considered as one end of the Type I diamond spectrum.

No unique elements set yellow diamonds apart from other Type I diamonds. They are not created under different conditions, and they are not exposed to any other influences to create their color – it is simply down to how much nitrogen is dispersed throughout the crystal.

If the nitrogen atoms are dispersed in isolated sites, rather than paired or grouped, then the stone will appear yellow (or sometimes brown) and around 10% of all natural diamonds will be colored in this way to some degree.

One of the four main characteristics that are measured in all diamonds is color, and in traditional diamonds, this is graded on a scale from completely colorless (D) to having a slight yellow hint present (Z).

When the visibility of that yellow color goes beyond a Z, the diamond will become categorized as yellow.

What Colors Do Yellow Diamonds Come In?

Several gradients of yellow can be categorized in yellow diamonds, and the stronger and more vivid that color is, the more the stone will be worth.

Yellow color diamonds can be graded as:

  • Fancy Light Yellow
  • Fancy Yellow
  • Fancy Dark Yellow
  • Fancy Deep Yellow
  • Fancy Intense Yellow
  • Fancy Vivid Yellow (Canary)

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What you should know about the cost of a 9-carat diamond with a yellow color is that it is always going to be very expensive. Stones this large are rare enough, and a strong color is even less common.

With that being said, yellow is the one color that is found more frequently than any other, which means that you will find some 9-carat yellow diamonds on the market on a regular basis.

They typically range from around $200,000 all the way up to $100,000, depending on the stone’s origin and individual qualities.





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